Digital / Social Marketing

Dr Donald Tan While traditional media has its place in every company’s integrated marketing communication strategy, it is important that companies understand the role social media plays in the new economy. With the rise in consumers turning to digital platforms for information, companies must understand how to use digital marketing and the choice of platforms available to best engage its customers. Social Media marketing is vita to any company with plans to engage the new economy in Asia Pacific as seen in the graph below.

Explore with us the respective digital media strategies available to achieve optimal results. Let us help you in developing a comprehensive social media customer engagement plan with our proprietary DESIGNmedia+ program for you.



  • Brand Building & Management

  • IG Brand Story

  • Special Features & Promotions

  • Chat groups

  • Google Reviews

  • Facebook Reviews

  • Influencer engagement / management


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • YouTube

  • WhatsApp

  • Telegram

  • Twitter

Dr Donald Tan